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Where’s the parade?

As of this today, the counter on the app I use to track my non-drinking days tells me that it’s been 192 days since I imbibed. I crossed over the 6-month milestone 8 days ago. Whee! Except, no WHEE! Not really. I am not sure why I expect these milestones to feel so celebratory. When […]

Plain and simple

When the last of our four children left for college — and we found ourselves a family of 2 living in a big, 3-story, packed-to-the-hills suburban house–we had a yard sale. A mack daddy of sales. We filled the driveway with hundreds of books, toys, clothes, furniture, tools, gadgets, doodads and more. And without even […]

A [be]-longing

Growing up, I was a quiet kid. Not the awkwardly quiet kid that gets picked on or shoved in lockers (though, that did happen to me that one time.) No, not geeky quiet, because those kids actually belonged, to each other, at least. I was the kind of quiet kid that was basically invisible. I […]

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