Oh, what a year

I honestly can’t believe it’s been one whole year since I decided to remove alcohol from my life. When I began this journey, I thought it made sense to start this blog so I had a place to share the experiences of ditching the drink.

But to be honest, I’m beginning to think it was a little self-centered to think that it would matter. I mean, seriously.

Here’s my whole sober year in a nutshell:

I quit drinking alcohol.

COVID-19 kept on going on and on.

I kept busy with life in isolation.

I made mocktails in early days and poured the concoctions in fancy martini glasses.

I bought a Soda Stream to make fizzy water that I could drink from red wine glasses with slices of lime.

COVID-19 kept on going on and on.

We bought a new RV. And camped.

I bought a fitness watch and started walking more.

I bought a bike with a fun basket. I started riding.

I bought a digital scale to track the changes I was bound to see with this new me.

COVID-19 kept on going on and on.

We met with friends outside at our Florida RV site. With masks on, we celebrated the election results. Go Blue!

We celebrated the holidays with some family. Others we missed. It was weird. For everyone.

We sold our house in Blue Ridge.

We spent the winter in Florida where we now own a tiki hut and a palm tree.

We ordered take-out from a fancy restaurant for our 29 year anniversary. I drank fizzy water from a Pinot Noir glass.

COVID-19 kept on going on and on.

I did some art. Not enough.

I read a lot of books.

We saw friends. Friends who drank alcohol and friends who did not. It didn’t matter. No one cared.

COVID-19 kept on going on and on.

I got my vaccine.

I had surgery on my hand.

We hit the road for our summer road trip in the RV.

And that’s the end.

A year without alcohol was just another year. It’s just one day after another when I chose not to drink alcohol. I’m still the same me. Not sure I’m any better at being me. I’m maybe a couple pounds smaller (walking and biking helps, I’m sure.) I sleep a helluva lot better. And I do feel pretty healthy.

And that’s the whole story. Alcohol wasn’t adding value, so I ditched it.

And still… . COVID-19 keeps on going on and on.