One of the benefits of not drinking, according to every source I’ve read, is improved sleep. And that fact alone was one of the key factors in my decision to stop drinking altogether. I was tired…of being tired. I was sick of waking up feeling foggy, sluggish and basically underwhelmed about facing the day. If I’m being honest, it took me a good 30 minutes to really wake up. And then, the motivation was just blah most days.

And then there’s the whole waking up several times a night to pee and the night sweats (menopause + wine = covers on, covers off, covers on, covers off). Sure, a couple glasses of wine in the evening did the trick when it came to GETTING to sleep –since being drugged will typically put you out–but it was the staying asleep longer than 3 hours that posed a problem. And so, almost every day I was waking up after a shit night’s sleep feeling, basically, like shit.

I’ve read that it really doesn’t take a lot of alcohol to disrupt your sleep, so even if I only drank one glass of wine, I didn’t feel super motivated to hop out of bed in the morning.

And now… dear God I feel fantastically rested! In the past week, I’ve been sleeping a solid 6 or 7 hours and waking up at 6:30 or 7 am well rested and… get this…in a great mood! Smiling. Happy. Jumping out of bed. I even caught myself humming a tune on Friday morning!

Sleep, and the lack of it, does make a huge difference to pretty much everything in your day. I find myself having more energy this past week and being less snappy — and I’m convinced that has to do with the amount of shut-eye I’m getting. When you are well-rested, you are just all-around better equipped for life. And I don’t think I’ve been well-rested for quite a while.

So, here I am almost to the end of Day 8 and I couldn’t be more thrilled that sleep is one of the gifts of this journey.

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